Casual Apparel Inspired by The Feizi Gallery's Discovery and Promotion of Chinese Contemporary Art


This website has been restored and archived as supplemental reading material accompanying Gene Robbin's course: Chinese Contemporary Art. In addition to his expertise in Asian cultures, Dr. Robbin comes to the university having worked as an advocate for a number of varied causes, ranging from international artistic freedom, climate change, animal welfare, and police reform, including changes to criminal law enforcement. He applied for and was awarded a grant from the Web Archive Project for the restoration and preservation of this historically significant site. Students will hear first-hand accounts of a number of advocacy positions he as supported and acted upon. The complete reading list and syllabus are available from Dr. Robbin's office and from the university website.


Art Inspired Casual Apparel : The Feizi Collection

Our goal was to create a casual clothing line inspired by the fine art world, and particularly influenced by the works of Chinese contemporary artists, many having had exhibits at the Feizi Gallery in Shanghai. Some of these artists include Luo Fahui, Jiang Yong, Feng Feng, Lu Biaobiao and Liu Qingyuan. Our collection does not directly involve images from these individual artists, but attempts to create a sensibility of the genre that was popular in 2008 - 2018, which influenced art trends in many Asian cultures at the time. Some of the common themes include color palette, soft focus, highly contrasting interruptive elements applied in layers, surreal environments, and an exotic sensitivity over all.

These design elements are ideal for high end casual wear - whether the need is a complete outfit or just a t-shirt, business casual attire for men, or fashion-ready outerwear for women. The Feizi Collection believes clothes make a statement, and that statement is style, with attention paid to comfort for those who choose to forget the dress code and instead dress casually.

Check out the Feizi Collection of jeans and denim skirts. Our entire wardrobe is all cotton and comes in colors both attention-grabbing and subdued. There are eye-catching outfits combining dresses, shoes, pants and accessories.

A restoration of the Feizi Gallery website was created to preserve some of what this influential gallery was up to. A partial archive from the original site is below:




Located in Shanghai at 55 Fuxing West Road, in the former French concession cultural and diploma district, the Feizi Gallery had been dedicated since 2007 to the discovery and promotion of Chinese contemporary art on the international scene. The collections at the gallery bring together the established and emerging talents of painting, sculpture, and photography. The Feizi Gallery allowed a better understanding and diffusion of the Chinese artistic scene.

For a number of years this was the gallery's website.
Content is from the site's archived pages.

"Art that grows on you"

55 Fuxing Road
West Shanghai PRC(200031)



The FEIZI Gallery was located in an old foreign-style house at 55 Fuxing West Road. This road, which was once part of Shanghai’s former French concession, is now surrounded on both sides with the consulates and cultural organizations of several countries. The environment is thus refined, elegant and artistic.


The FEIZI Gallery was established in these ideal quarters in July, 2007. The main focus of the gallery is to discover and promote Chinese contemporary artists, who each have their very unique and individual artistic style. The principal objective of the promoters of the FEIZI Gallery is to recommend hand-picked contemporary Chinese collections that have the greatest potential interest and value for the international market and to enhance understanding and appreciation of Chinese contemporary artworks.


Our ultimate objective is thus to serve as a platform for international cultural exchange. On the one hand, the FEIZI Gallery recommends and promotes the works of Chinese artists in order to play a leading role in the development of Chinese contemporary art, whilst on the other hand it will enhance cooperation with international artistic organizations, in order to provide a space for art amateurs and collectors alike.


In an effort to bring the design sensibility of Chinese contemporary art to a mass market audience, the Feizi Collection was conceived to offer a wide range of very high quality casual clothing, marketed via digital strategies targeting teen / young adult consumers. While marketed broadly, the apparel in the Feizi Collection are luxury items. Specific products include comfortable leisure shirts, pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies, and related sportswear. Our high end informal lifestyle clothing is worn every day by men and women who appreciate design and functionality. While targeted to the young, it is agelessly practical with classic appeal. We're going to the gym or to the beach, or hanging out watching Netflix. Living life.


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Cang Xin
He Yunchang
Yang Qian
Qin Ga
Jiang Yong
Luo Fahui



Inspired by the unique contemporary art scene in West Shanghai, our casual line of sportswear carries its own cachet that will be recognized by the color palette and design flourishes that inhabit this creative realm, Fiezi. In addition to the most popular casual pants, shirts, dresses, gym-wear, we are looking into the feasibility of including some casual footwear like boots & sneakers via licensing agreements with manufacturers. Currently available apparel includes accompanying items like skirts, sweaters, and accessories. There are also some specialty areas in development, including fleece, jackets and other outerwear, hats/caps. Digital marketing is underway in a video campaign focused on stylish exercise featuring matching sweatpants and hoodies.



David Unger comments: This was a very prestigious venue, not only because of it's global significance, but also because it was cool to have a show here. As an agent working the Asian art scene, I represent artists in various media and many specifically requested that I attempt to place them here. A show here in Shanghai was definite bragging rights. One of my artists, Renee Wald, a screen print specialist and a huge Batman fan, was working on a superhero themed collection focused on Batman wearables - t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, gym wear, etc. The gallery principals were sold on the idea and even contributed from their own collections of Batman t shirts & other apparel. We were practically done with the planning - I even had a commitment from Moon At Midnight to sponsor it, since many of the sublimated prints on t shirts were available for purchase from them. But as word got out, we got a call from lawyers who demanded that we either pay for the right to use certain Batman images or remove them. Our lawyers were telling us we could proceed since we were not profiting from the public display, but management folded. Turns out there's a dark side around those who might want to claim ownership of the Dark Knight and those forces created an unnecessary fear of litigation that even Batman could not overcome. And Shanghai never got to experience Renee Wald's amazing Batman Forever show.


Exhibits 2010 - 2011

Doom Of Spring Flourish

1 September 2010
5:00 pm

The Feizi Gallery is pleased to present the works of Chinese contemporary artist Luo Fahui through the upcoming solo exhibition "The Doom of Spring Flourish".

Luo Fahui was born in 1961 in Chongqing, China. He graduated from the oil painting department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1985, and his works have since been exhibited both China as well as Madrid, London and Brussels.

Curator: Wang Lin





20 May 2011 - June 2
Venue(s) HanHouse (Hangzhou, China)
Artist(s) Jiang Yong
Organizer(s) FEIZI Gallery (Shanghai, China)



About Somewhere, Sometime, Somebody: Jiang Yong Works Exhibition

As accurate as words are, they cannot always succeed in being the expression of deeper perceptions, impressions and feelings; those are hidden in remote waves of consciousness that only art can reach. Jiang Yong’s artworks are the imperceptible’s reflection. He understands that the power of art is the one that conveys the unutterable: all the things we cannot tell, only sense.

Subtle and profound, Jiang Yong communicates through the peaceful yet intriguing bodies and faces the spirituality and the simplicity we need to touch the unspeakable. The paintings remind the Chinese philosophy that inspired him, glorifying the power of the essential: the human beings made of jade are dense and soft at the same time, just as the pure and simple individual. Following the rhythm of the artist’s mental state, Jiang Yong’s artworks reveal the impulse of creation to achieve stability. They question notions such as sensation, purity, subconscious and truth. He uses art to define the undetectable, to enhance its beauty and specify what it requires to be illuminated: contemplation, calm and simplicity. The quintessence of mind lies therefore in his paintings.

Playing with talent with space and volume, exploring the infinite possibilities of illusion and blur, Jiang Yong creates a tension between precision and rawness to transmit the unclear, abundant, untrammeled and fascinating hidden profound life and complete his and our inner harmony



Exhibition of contemporary Chinese art : Feng Feng, Lu Biaobiao and Liu Qingyuan. Music by Australian DJ R3.

7 May 2011
11:00 am - 7.00 pm



The FEIZI Gallery, a Chinese, French and Belgian gallery specialized in emergent contemporary Chinese and international artists, launches the FEIZI Art Club, dedicated to art lovers and whoever desires to enter the privileged and fascinating world of art.
On this occasion, the gallery organizes the exhibition THE CHARM OF CAUTIOUSNESS from May 7th to June 30th.
Feng Feng, Lu Biaobiao and Liu Qingyuan will reveal their artworks, on the three floors of a beautiful French-style house. Space, memory, life and society are questioned through unexpected, surprising and talented paintings, sculptures and street art. Innovation and reflection define their work.

You are cordially invited to the Opening Party on May 7th at 8:00 pm : the Australian DJ R3 will play his music while letting you discover Chinese contemporary art at its best. The exhibition will last until June 30th.




Press Release


Contemporary Chinese Works at FEIZI Gallery

By carlonseider
Wed, Aug 31, 2011

”Experimental Painting Manual” showcases the work of three contemporary Chinese artists over three floors, a floor for each artist. The ground floor is for Chongqing-born Wang Jun’s tranquil black, grey and white canvases. Almost abstract in execution, Wang’s pieces depict doors, walls, vents and brickwork. They are the calm before the storm of color and imagery that awaits upstairs, showing that Chinese contemporary art is far more diverse than many critics would postulate. Huang Yishan’s gruesome mixed media works on the second floor are a shock to the system. Wang Jun’s quiet monochromes contrast with Huang’s striking images: a naked man being chopped in half by a surgeon in a macabre re-enactment of a magic show, a woman cutting a man’s throat as he struggles on a table and a man shaving ribbons of meat from a cow’s side. Each painting shows a room, and each room is divided into a tiled floor with a detailed pattern, a block-color wall at the top and more tiling in between. Most meaningful are the pieces you come to last–a studio drenched in blood with the artist peering in through the door. Here Huang expresses art as pain and artistic expression as the letting of blood. More subversively, it's also a veiled dig at the commercialization of the art world. Born in Guangdong in 1983, Huang is the youngest artist in the show, but his work lacks the naïveté typical of less experienced painters. The top floor is dedicated to oil paintings by Shen Liang. Born in 1976 in Liaoning, Shen has displayed in New York and Frankfurt as well as Beijing and Shanghai. His rebellious streak manifests itself in the scratches and marks he makes on his paintings once they’re complete (look for irreverent placements of his signature in the middle of a piece and for beacons of modern culture like the words “Gucci” and “iPod”). Shen believes that vandalizing one’s own art is liberating, relaxing and–most interestingly–anti-establishment. Most of his oil paintings feature propaganda images and scenes from classical painting reworked with messily placed daubs of paint. The further you stand away the more realistic they look. Note: Today is the last day of this exhibit, but you can head to the [FEIZI Gallery]( Mon-Sun 11am-7pm to check out other cool contemporary Chinese art.


Feizi's Casual Apparel Draws From Contemporary Chinese Art

The Feizi world is a wonderfully serene landscape conforming to the genuine pleasure of comfortable clothing. It's why we hate dress codes and love casual Fridays. We know how to dress up when the occasion warrants such, but most of our lives is spent within the sphere over which we exert  some limited control. And we know what we like. Especially when it comes to choosing a daily outfit, the preferred uniform of the casual spirit. We are looking for smiles, so we avoid too tight like the plague. We are the untucked shirt, the zero makeup face, the occasional slob. Somewhere between casual-in-the-extreme and a requirement for formal attire is our vast wonderland of sensuous palettes and subtle flourishes, one that honors a recognizable art culture, unique to Shanghai in 2007 - 2011. It is the essence of the legendary Fiezi Gallery. We've captured that essence in a line of casual wear reminiscent of an influential art culture, thriving during a special time, in a special place. Relax in Feizi sweats, polos, hoodies, jeans and live large, casually.

Seen on the streets of New York, Paris, Shanghai - the Feizi Collection - Casual Apparel inspired by Contemporary Chinese art trends. Comfortable clothes for the casual lifestyle.